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LadyLight is an interior architecture program designed by Milan architect Maurizio De Caro.

A path of light, the result of the geometric experience of complex shapes, essential
material still to be discovered, a sculpture designed to catalyze attention within the
undifferentiated space that will host it.
Light, metaphysical, beyond the consolidated conception of design, it is not an artistic installation but it presupposes aesthetic contemplation through its illuminating function.
LadyLight, illuminating a conceptual space, for the contemporary architecture of research, it was necessary to remove the classic idea of ​​the lamp, any functional affectation, to give the potential user-collector the experience of the uniqueness of geometry, shape, sign.


Lamp measures: h40cm d10cm
Cable in natural linen, length 160 cm.

Light bulb included LED E14 4W 2700K. Only LED light bulb are allowed, no more than 10W.

Bioplastic is sensible to high temperature. Don’t keep the lamp at over 60 C° and direct sunlight. Not for outdoor use.

Electric plug will be made according with your country location. No adapter will be necessary.