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Neo Tibur (Salmon Orange)


Neo Veteres Collection uses materic forms, strongly sculptural, which evoke ancient art, but made with cutting-edge technology.

This serie of lamps is an organic re-proposal of a different and more sophisticated «primitive» condition, where the production techniques allow to give it a new function.
Light is thus imprisoned, fragmented and then freed from these sculptural forms, and as in a symbiotic relationship between light and shape, one enhances the other.

A «new sculptor» who, like an «ancient sculptor», works the material at his disposal almost as if they were using the same chisel.
Both have the same goal, what differentiates them are the means at their disposal to pursue it.

Neo Tibur, from the Neo Veteres collection, takes its name from the ancient city of Tibur (today's Tivoli), an ancient travertine quarry.

Table lamp whose shapes anchor it firmly on the ground. This bond is accentuated by its materiality perceptible to the touch and by the suffused light that springs from it.

Its light creates atmosphere. This also happens thanks to the combination with the sculptural forms that make up its geometry.
Lights and shadows further sculpt the sculptural forms that compose it.


Lamp measures: h20cm d20cm
Cable in natural linen length 160 cm
Color: RAL 2012 - Salmon Orange

Light bulb included LED E14 1.6W 2700K. Only LED light bulb are allowed, no more than 10W.

Bioplastic is sensible to high temperature. Don’t keep the lamp at over 60 C° and direct sunlight. Not for outdoor use.

Electric plug will be made according with your country location. No adapter will be necessary.